Dorf and Fisher CPA's

Certified Public Accountants.... Lake of the Ozarks, Missourii


Our clients goals and needs are our primary focus. We offer a range of services.
Tax Preparation for Individuals and  Businesses
We prepare returns for individuals, corporations, partnerships, estates, and trusts. We also prepare ALL STATE returns.

Tax Planning:
We provide tax planning consultations for clients desiring to minimize their individual, business, or estate tax liability. Tax planning is an important part of the tax process to avoid costly tax liabilities in the future.

Accounting & Payroll Services:
Our accounting services include aiding clients with setting up and maintaining computerized or manual accounting systems. We can print payroll checks, calculate required payroll tax deposits, and prepare payroll tax reports. Also, we  prepare sales tax and miscellaneous tax reports as required.

Financial Statement Compilation:
Compilation of financial statements entails gathering all pertinent information from the client to be presented in financial statement format. Financial statements present the client's information in a way that makes decision making easier. The clients are able to pinpoint where problems exist and what areas are performing above or below their desired level.

Business Consultation:
Our consulting services are for clients interested in starting a new business, or desiring to improve an existing business. We will sit down with you to determine which business entity is the right fit for you.We also can help you get your Federal & State ID#'s

Tax Problem Resolution:
For those individuals or businesses who need to resolve governmental tax problems, we can assist by representing the client in matters relating to federal or state tax issues.